with your AYI

Do you need household help in China but can't speak Mandarin or Pinyin?  This book will help an English speaker find, interview and train an AYI (Common name for a Chinese Housekeeper).  Everything you need to communicate is written in this book and translated from English to Mandarin ( and to Pinyin in the 2nd printing).  All you have to do is point and your maid will understand your needs.

Heidi Katherman

Phoenix, AZ

Colleen Klingseisen

Austin, TX

The book is written by American Expatriates.  Colleen and Heidi met while living in Shanghai with their families.  Colleen was overseas for 14 years in London, Cairo and Shanghai.  Heidi lived in Asia for 20 years in Shanghai and Singapore and in the Netherlands.  They discovered that they both grew up as expatriate children in South America!  They took on this project for fun, for their own use and to help out other expats in China.  The book is no longer published but used copies are in circulation.